Watching Bravo the other night, it happened: John Stamos tried to make Greek yogurt sexy at me. I was just sitting there, watching a yogurt ad like us 30-year-old women are supposed to, when Uncle Jesse tried to tell me that bringing yogurt to a dinner party is not only acceptable -- but it's also super hot.

John Stamos Clearly Wants Some Fruit-In-The-Bottom

This TV spot for Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt is pure advertising genius. Basically, ad execs sat down and thought, "We want The Ladies to like our yogurt. So, what else do The Ladies like?" "Duh: badass BYOFood dinner parties, Champagne, chocolate and John Fuckin' Stamos. Gimme my Addys!"

The first best part of the spot is when Stamos gives the hostess the make-out face and breathily says, "Wait until you try it." And then the announcer immediately chimes in with, "Sooo creamy ... " Oh, John Stamos. You just made so many grammas need to change their Depends.

The second best part is that the tagline for the product is "Possibly the best yogurt in the world." Just possibly. Probably. Well, probably maybe. But definitely perhaps the best. When are the Best Fruit-In-The-Bottom Yogurt In The World competitions gonna be held this year, anyway?

Please bring fruit-in-the-bottom yogurt to the next dinner party you attend. And when you hand it over to the hostess and she looks at you like you're a cheapo idiot, hook her up with that patented Stamos smirk and whisper, "Wait until you try it." Just be sure to brace yourself for the impending (and much deserved) face-punching.
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