Jonathon from Jonathon's Oak Cliff Butt Dialed Me, and Now I Have to Eat This Giant Waffle

Yesterday my phone rang with an unrecognized number. I upgraded my phone a few months ago and lost about 10 percent of my contacts, and since calls from numbers that aren't in my contacts usually end up being of a sales pitch of some sorts I always let it go to voicemail.

Then I got a text. It was from Jonathon Erdeljac from Jonathon's Oak Cliff, maker of some of Dallas' best brunch gut bombs.

Him: Sorry, butt dial. Me: New phone, I'm clueless anyway

Him: Did you ever see the final "All in One" waffle? This thing has been flying out of our kitchen, 100+ orders per weekend


Me: Quit sending me dirty texts


Him: Can't help it, I have a problem.

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Scott Reitz
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