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Jonathon's to Hear City's Decision on Kitchen Expansion Tomorrow

Jonathon and Christine Erdeljac are experiencing growing pains in Oak Cliff. What was once a romantic kitchen fit for Smurf-sized cooks has become a burden for the duo, as a weekend brunch service has drawn a steady, loyal and absolutely ravenous crowd.

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I reviewed the restaurant two years ago and noted the urban-diner-meets-country cooking is served from a kitchen that's not even 200 square feet. While that might be enough for the small dining room, with nicer weather, the patio out front effectively doubles demand. The Erdeljacs have hit a breaking point. They need room to grow.

The couple has submitted a zoning variance with the hopes of expanding their kitchen three times its size. To do that, their landlord would have to build an addition to the building that will come dangerously close to the property line -- a move that will definitely raise the eyes of city inspectors.

The Erdeljacs spent the weekend away celebrating a wedding anniversary, but they'll return later today. A manager at the restaurant says the couple expects to hear from the city sometime tomorrow. If the plan is approved Jonathon's will get a brand new kitchen. If it's not, the Erdeljac's will start looking for new property.

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