Just As Food Can Never Be Too Fried, T-Shirts Can Never Be Too Trendy

This week in food blogs, there was more food truck news, more In-N Out news and a storm of trendy T-shirts. Also, the State Fair started today. Read on.

City of Ate Scott Reitz chose "rudderless but salvageable" to describe Tillman's Roadhouse, a country-comfort restaurant that serves dry burgers but great scallops, and drowns almost everything in truffle oil.

Alice Laussade confirmed that Urbano Café served soup that is better than other kinds of soup.

Lauren Drewes Daniels gets a first look at Meso Maya, a place that gives diners "adventure into the roots of Mexican food." Later, she talked with the chef, Nico Sanchez.

Dan Rather says systemic pesticides may be to blame for the disappearance of honey bees, which in turn means they may also be responsible for the eventual disappearance of fruit.

Things are getting tougher for gulf oysters and the people that sell them.

Starbucks had this idea to sell shirts with fake coffee stains on them. Nick Rallo replies with a few ideas of his own.

If there's one instance where bigger is not better, Scott swears it's onion rings

We really want you to find that fried bubblegum.

Side Dish I bet somebody out there still cares.

There isn't much difference between New York Fashion Week and the State Fair of Texas.

Oddfellows amended its menu, trading those weird, burned omelet edges for fresh scrambles and duck hash.

Pegasus News Denton is looking at changing city ordinance to allow food trucks. They already have The Angry Friar, a double-decker bus that sets up on the edge of UNT's campus and serves fish and chips sprinkled with hair.

It looks like someone may have set fire to Sonny Bryan' s earlier this week. The restaurant plans to reopen this weekend.

Some say that food stamps should be allowed to be used to buy fast food. Others say it will just make us all fatter.

Escape Hatch Dallas There are words, and then there are pictures of Dean Fearing's new fall menu.

If you can handle another Alberto Lombardi restaurant, one is coming your way Monday.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.