Just Say No to Extended Leftovers!

You're not still doing it are you? Perhaps you crave two slices of bread, a little Miracle Whip and then a spoonful of anything and everything from the apothecary of Tupperware in your fridge? Maybe you prefer your leftovers on small plates, microwaved individually so you can watch a golf ball glob of gravy melt decadently over your potatoes. You could be a strict utilitarian, standing by the refrigerator door, fork in hand, feeding your cravings bite by bite.

Whatever your left-over strategy, it's time to stop.

Party's over people. According to the Mayo Clinic and the USDA, unless you froze your turkey bits, you're playing Russian roulette with the ol' G.I. tract if you indulge anymore food you prepared on Thanksgiving.

Make it a point to clean out your refrigerator tonight. There's lots more holiday cooking to come.

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