Katy Trail Ice House and Banditos Open a Plano Love Child Called Bandito Tex-Mex Ice House

Banditos and Katy Trail Ice House are best friends now. The owners of each restaurant collaborated on a new Plano place that opened last week. It goes by the name of -- wait for it -- Bandito Tex-Mex Ice House.

If you've been to both of the restaurants that spawn the new spot, you can probably figure out what they have to offer. To be sure, I called up Lee Koonz, a manager working at the new location, and asked him how the new places compare.

Katy Trail Ice House is known for its large selection of Texas Beers. Does Bandito Ice House have lots of Texas Beer? We've got 16 beers on tap and more wines than we offered at Bandito. For Texas Beer we have DEBC's IPA, several Austin beers that rotate and Shiner Bock.

You've been open eight days. How are things going? Well. We're working out a few bugs, but that's to be expected.

Is the menu the same as the original Banditos? It is. This is more of a restaurant than the Katy Trail Ice House is.

What's up with Cinco De Mayo? We're just doing happy hour. Our first big event will be the Fourth of July when we sell penny margaritas.


The Bandito Tex-Mex Ice House (say that five times fast while hammered off Texas beer-itas) boasts a sizable patio, according to its Facebook photos. Looks a lot like the Katy Trail Ice House's patio. They've got Tex-Mex food and affordable beer. They've also got a proven knack for well managed restaurants. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this place ends up doing well.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.