Kenny's Burger Joint Is Serving Girl Scout Cookie Cocktails — Scout's Honor

"Yes, troop leader, we're just curious if there's a box ... or cocktail ... limit?"
"Yes, troop leader, we're just curious if there's a box ... or cocktail ... limit?" courtesy Kenny's Burger Joint
It's time — time for each of us who vowed to stay trim and give up the pizza, booze and high-calorie goodies in 2019 to give up the ghost. It's Girl Scout cookie season.

You'll see plenty of GSC milkshakes dotting the heatmap this month and next, but we were delighted when we came across Kenny's Burger Joint's two GSC cocktails. Girl Scout cookies PLUS booze? We're in heaven.

Through the end of February, they'll offer two options: Thin Mint and Samoa versions. Each has two different alcoholic elements — because one is never enough — with crushed cookies and vanilla ice cream. Yes, they're still kind of milkshakes, but we'll take it, especially for the $7 price tag. Isn't that about how much a box of those bad boys costs now?

To convince us further, they're offering any Girl Scout who dines with them in uniform a free non-boozy one, so tote your little Scout along with you for an extra sugar rush.

Girl Scout Cookie Samoa Shake ($7): vanilla ice cream, crushed Samoas, Bacardi Coco, Godiva Chocolate Liquor, caramel drizzle and crushed cookie sprinkle

Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Shake ($7): vanilla ice cream, crushed Thin Mint cookies, Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cocoa, whip cream topping with crushed cookie sprinkle

Kenny's Burger Joint, 5809 Preston Road, Plano, and 1377 Legacy Drive, Frisco
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Susie Oszustowicz