KFC Wants to Give People Who Move Back Home Free Rent and Hardened Arteries

No, you're not a loser if you move back in with Mom and Dad. It's sweet. Really. Sometimes we all need a little help to get us from one exciting adventure to the next.

And KFC evidently thinks it can provide for some pretty funny stories. So KFC has partnered with Comedy Central and "created the original digital series and contest Growing Up and Getting Out." And they're looking at you, millennials, who are moving back home to live with your parents at the rate of one in four.

The website, FreeRentContest, launched today and the "Basement Generation" (isn't it a stretch to condemn an entire generation based on one in four?) is asked to submit their hilarious moving back home stories. Five winner-winner-chicken-dinners will then be chosen by a panel of judges and will receive one year of free rent, which they figure to be $12,500, plus $600 in KFC gift checks (that'd be enough for about 150 Original Recipe Bits meals).

There are already five stories loaded up and a couple of them actually are pretty funny, including a crop-dusting grandma and parents renaming themselves Minerva Stardust and Cheswick Trickletip.

I still don't get the connection between one in four moving back home and Original Recipe. Doesn't matter. It's the bird.

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