Killian's California Red...And White

Beer pairing dinners have been the rage of late, but apparently some people still do things the old-fashioned way. Kent Rathbun's Jasper's (7161 Bishop Rd., Plano) is offering a four-course wine pairing dinner with Ed Killian--good name for the maker of a mass produced "Irish" red beer, although he's really the head winemaker of Souverain Winery in California's Alexander Valley.

The dinner is $75 per head, plus tax and 20 percent gratuity, which according to my math, comes to a total of ... um, who knows, under a hundred dollars?  The menu includes grilled oyster and focaccia crusted quail confit tortellini with Chardonnay, Mediterranean sea bass with Sauvignon Blanc, glazed duck breast with Merlot, Kobe ribeye spinalas with reserve Cabernet, and a cherry-chocolate brownie with Syrah syrup and (you guessed it) dessert Syrah.

The full menu is available here.

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