The Out of Obscurity is a tall drink of (aloe) water.
The Out of Obscurity is a tall drink of (aloe) water.
courtesy Knife

Soothe Yourself With Knife's New Aloe Liqueur Cocktail

The temperature's been hovering ominously around 100 degrees for more than a week now. If you dare walk to lunch, you'll surely need aloe vera to soothe your burnt skin upon returning to your desk. We're doing it a little differently — by way of Chareau, an aloe liqueur. That may not help our skin, but the ABV will eventually make you care less.

Out of Obscurity, a cocktail on Knife's new menu, brings together aloe liqueur, coconut, elderflower and a bitter element, Aperol. The ingredients make for a weirdly refreshing cocktail to cool you down before enjoying a dry-aged steak.

Out of Obscurity ($14): simple syrup, coconut milk, lemon, St. Germain, Chareau, Aperol, soda water, orange slice and lime peel garnish

Knife, 5300 E. Mockingbird Lane

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