The Killer in the Rain is a killer cocktail.EXPAND
The Killer in the Rain is a killer cocktail.
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Knife Is Getting Literary With Cocktails Named for Raymond Chandler Works

While Knife is known for its steaks, it's cutting through the cocktail scene with a lineup of cocktails named after some of American-British novelist Raymond Chandler's greatest works. They're literally getting literary. Just like their namesakes such as The Big Sleep, The Long Goodbye and Trouble Is My Business, these cocktails are long reads and slow sips.

Killer in the Rain intrigued us the most, thanks to its use of China-China, a bitter, sweet and often mispronounced liqueur we absolutely love. The liqueur, made from orange peels and a neutral alcohol made from sugar beets, lends this take on the traditional Jack Rose cocktail a bit of a sweet caramel note.

We can't wait to make it back to try more of these literary libations. Try one for yourself: This menu's worth a read.

Killer in the Rain ($13): Christian Brothers Sacred Bond Brandy, Bigallet China-China, house-made grenadine, lemon

Knife Dallas, 5300 E. Mockingbird Lane (Midtown)

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