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K.T. Burger Opens in Highland Park Village Today

Highland Park Village has decided to go in a different direction with its latest restaurant. After the departures of Patrizio's, which moved to Uptown, and Village Kitchen, which was jettisoned down the Trinity River, a new, more casual dining experience has risen from their ashes. It has burgers, but you knew that.

Highland Park Village will be the home for the third outpost of Katy Ice House. The newest location will bear the moniker K.T. Burger, just to hammer home the fact that there are burgers available. Shoppers will no longer have to drive over to Burger House or up the Tollway to Liberty Burger after blowing a rent check — not their rent check, but someone's — on a pair of Louboutins. 

K.T. Burger puts a fast-casual spin on your typical Katy Trail Ice House experience. If you've been to either establishment — there's one in Uptown and another in Plano — you know they feature expansive patios, young, mostly female servers and paper-wrapped burgers that have been neatly cut in half. K.T. Burger replaces the table service with a walk-up counter, and downsizes that patio some, but you can still expect the Katy Trail motif, which leans heavily on barn boards and flat-screens.

The new restaurant sounds like a solid match for the Highland Park Village, which could use a few more places that leave a little grease in your lap. Partners of couples with an uneven taste for shopping now have something for more alluring than the couch in the middle of Anthropolgie, comfy as it may be. That couch doesn't serve beer, for some reason.

K.T. Burger, 32 Highland Park Village, (214) 906-0546,
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