La Calle Doce Celebrates 30 Years of Food and Family

In 1981, Oscar and Laura Sanchez opened their traditional Mexican seafood restaurant, La Calle Doce, in an old renovated house in Oak Cliff. Three decades and two more restaurants later, they will mark their 30th anniversary next week. I asked Laura -- who whose father taught her the importance of a strong work ethic while growing up in Monterrey, Mexico -- about running a successful family business for all these years.

"I'm a woman who has been strengthened by my friendships and the trials I've faced after 30 years in the restaurant industry," she said. "Today I'm still involved with our three restaurants, ensuring each venue runs smoothly and according to my late husband's dream. My attention to detail and a very strong work ethic has ensured continued success."

And what keeps this big extended family together after working side-by-side all these years?

"A lot of tolerance!" she said, laughing. "We respect and love each other and issues will come up, but because of our family bond we are able to work it out."

La Calle Doce's 30-year anniversary party is next Wednesday, September 14, from 6 to 9 p.m. with complimentary margaritas, beer, wine and appetizers at the original 12th Street location. They'll also have $3 margarita specials all week, September 12 through 18, at the original and Lakewood location.

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