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La Paloma Taco-Taco: Can a Taco Joint Ever be Redundant? Sometimes.

People say you should give a restaurant time to "find its stride" before you go there and judge their food. To those people I say: bullshit. Don't open your restaurant if you're not ready for people to eat your food.

And now, a public service announcement: Taquería La Paloma and La Paloma Taco-Taco are not the same. There. Now you don't have to go to stupid expensive, new La Paloma Taco-Taco expecting Taquería La Paloma food like I did.

La Paloma Taco-Taco hasn't been open that long, which is why I was excited to go there—it's new, it's conveniently located right off Interstate 635 at Inwood Road where traffic always sucks, and it's the first restaurant that I know of in the DFW to have a stutter. All fantastic reasons to check it out.

As I read their lunch menu, I was immediately worried. It's a simple menu, which is great, but they're charging $6.49 for a taco plate with two street tacos and rice and beans. My This Is Mexican Food For White People radar started beeping.

The menu was professionally printed and not just written in marker. Beep.

The dude on the intercom taking my order spoke English well. Beep.

They take credit cards. Beep.

Their website says they offer "Mexican Fusion Food." Beeeeeeeeep.

The This Is Mexican Food For White People radar goes off a lot in Dallas, and just because you've got a restaurant that serves not-exactly-Mexican food doesn't mean the food isn't delicious. Take Taco Joint, for example. That shit is definitely Mexican Food For White People. And it's tasty.

Unfortunately, the food from La Paloma Taco-Taco wasn't nearly as satisfying as a bowl of Disaster queso can be. I ordered the aforementioned two-taco plate with barbacoa, and it was pretty good, but $6.49 is just too damned expensive for the amount of food you don't get. I also tried the Hawaiana torta, which had pork and pineapple, avocado, refried beans and so much mayo I couldn't tell you what else was on it. Except that there was definitely a bone in it. Props for using the whole animal, but I'm pretty confident when I say nobody likes shitting bone. Thanks for nothing, Taco-Taco.

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