La Ventana Is Expanding to Addison, Because All Things Great Must Move to the 'Burbs

Tacos, thankfully, are not a trendy food. They're eternal, always there for us when we're broke and hungry or have had too many beers. Despite our fair city's culinary shortcomings in certain respects, our taco game will always and forever be strong. Still, most of the great tacos are limited to neighborhoods where gringos have only recently been brave enough to venture. Now, one of Dallas' gringo-iest areas is getting its very own legit taqueria.

Earlier this year, the Downtown taco stand announced that they would be opening up a second location at the Dallas Farmers Market, not too far from the original. This third location, though, will open its doors much farther north. Taqueria La Ventana will open an "expanded" version of its concept on Belt Line Road in Addison. If you can't tell, we're pretty freaking excited about it.

The new location will still feature the same great tacos, elotes, and burritos -- all on those fresh tortillas that are arguably the best in the city -- just with significantly more protein options. Outside of the basic pastor and barbacoa, Addison's Taqueria La Ventana will offer a veggie option, machaca con huevo (shredded beef and egg), shrimp, and fish. Chips, queso, and guacamole are also being added to the menu, and it's about damn time. If you like the way Chef Nico Sanchez handles a taco, just imagine what he can do with a big bowl of melty cheese and guac.

Most exciting, though, is the addition of fresh salads to the menu, made with field greens, candied peanuts garapiñados, avocado, queso fresco and charred cilantro vinaigrette. Most taquerias are pretty lacking in vegetarian and non-tortilla-wrapped options, so it's exciting to see that you'll be able to enjoy all the flavors of your favorite taco without inducing a nap.

The dining experience here promises to be fundamentally different than the La Ventana you're used to. Instead of having to eat your tacos outside, you'll have the option of dining in the restaurant's spanking-new space that is well over 2,000 square feet. A large outdoor patio will help you retain some of that original experience, as well as those trademark metal serving trays and the cards with your "Mexican name" that come with every order.

The booze options will expand just as much as the menu and the space. In addition to margaritas and the usual Modelo and Dos Equis, craft brews from Mexico and a full premium bar will be on offer. It really feels like all of our dreams are coming true, especially if they plan to mix those premium drinks with the aguas frescas and juices that will be made in-house every day. Desserts include their famous churros con cajeta and a new offering, crispy bread pudding.

The Farmers Market location won't open until this fall, but Addisonites will be able to embark on their new taco journey starting Monday, May 11. Given the dearth of good taqueria-style tacos in the area, Taqueria La Ventana is a welcome addition in a 'hood that has recently become home to a lot of great new restaurants.

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