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Lakewood Brewery Is Turning One with What May Be the Drunkenest Beer Party Ever

I feel like it was just a few weeks ago I was hanging out at Lakewood Brewing Co. out in Garland, trying to figure out what was aging away in those barrels pictured above. But that was way back in May.

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Wim Bens, the owner of the brewery, said he was aging a secret beer in bourbon barrels, in preparation for his one-year anniversary celebration, but he wouldn't divulge the secret brew. He said we'd have to wait until August to find out. It was agonizing! But that was back in May, when August seemed like eons away. Now we're just over a week away from finding out what's in those barrels.

Actually the cat is already out of the barrel. The details for the one-year anniversary party, to be held at Goodfriend Beer Garden, have been released, and an oak-aged Double Belgian-Style IPA is on the list. Bens says they aged the beer with brettanomyces, a yeast that's often used in funky farmhouse ales. It clocks in at 9.8 percent ABV.

There are more interesting beers queued up for the booze fest. Remember our old friend Till and Toil? Bens told me there would be no more yeasty farmhouse saison till next spring. But he's been sitting on a secret supply, and it's been quietly aging in another oak barrel that used to hold Syrah.

Then there are 10 or so other beers that will be featured at the party, but they're tapping them one at a time, on the hour. The only way to try each of them is to get there when the party starts, and drink until the party ends. And that, my beer-addicted friends, is why I think you'll be leaving this party in a wheel barrel.

The pain train starts Sunday, August 4, at 1 and runs till midnight. May Bens have mercy on your liver.

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