Lakewood Brewery's Zomer Pilsner Lands at Craft and Growler

Zomer Pilsner, the anticipated summer seasonal brew from Lakewood Brewery, was tapped at Craft and Growler last night. Lakewood's previous seasonal, a farmhouse saison named Till and Toil, was widely popular throughout Dallas last spring. But while Till and Toil will certainly be missed, the beer nerds who came out to try the latest offering from the Garland-based brewery were not disappointed.

Zomer Pils is the quintessential summer drink. The beer pours with a snow-white and cottony head and a pale golden color. At 4.8 percent ABV the beer is one you can sit with for a while and not just because of the low alcohol -- it's also the lightest local craft beer on the taps in Dallas right now.

Not only does that drinkability make this a great summer brew, but the Zomer Pils has a lot of potential as a conversion beer. If you're the type who prefers the cans and bottles you can get at 7-Eleven, you'll find this brew very approachable. You might even start to look forward to some scorching heat, just so you'll have an excuse for another.

Zomer Pils has certainly hit the ground running. Untappd, a social networking site that tracks the consumption of suds, has already logged sightings at Jack Mac's Swill & Grill, Goodfriend, Craft and Growler and other locations all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.