Lakewood Brewing Goes Big Box With Andrews Distributing

Lakewood Brewing Goes Big Box With Andrews Distributing

Lakewood Brewing Co. has decided to turn over the distribution portion of its business in order to shift its focus solely on the craft of brewing beer. Andrews Distributing announced the new partnership in a news release this morning.

If you've not heard of Andrews, you've almost certainly swilled a few of the brands the company carries. Massive breweries including Shiner Bock, Blue Moon and Samuel Adams are handled by Andrews. Here in the DFW area, Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. holds an account with them as well.

What's this mean for fans of Lakewood Lager, Till and Toil and other Lakewood Brewing beers? Mostly that their favorite brews will be available at even more stores around the DFW area. Lakewood will continue to brew and bottle beer at its Garland facility, so the beer should remain unchanged.

For the folks at Lakewood, however, the new partnership could usher in big changes, particularly in the amount of beer they sell. Rahr & Sons has sold a little more than 50 percent more beer each year since it partnered with Andrews in 2009. If that same amount of growth occurs at Lakewood, the current facility it uses to brew beer is going to get cramped pretty quickly.

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