The best picnic companion.
The best picnic companion.

Lakewood Growler, a New Growler-Filling Station, Is Coming to East Dallas

The growler is an efficient and environmentally friendly way for craft beer drinkers to indulge their potable of choice. You pick up a 32 or 64 ounce glass jug, down your favorite beer, then get it refilled. The kicker is you can't just stick one under a tap. Your beer purveyor of choice has to be equipped with the right hardware.

Despite close proximity to a major university, the residents of East Dallas have long had to venture out to other corners of the city to get their growler fix. There's Craft & Growler in Fair Park and others scattered across the city. Now Lakewood Growler aims to fill that void.

Stacie and Dale Czech are in the process of renovating what used to be the liquor store Kindred Spirits, on the southeast corner of Mockingbird and Abrams, turning it into a growler fill station that will also operate like a wine bar. Just, you know, for beer. Think a smallish space better suited for tastings rather than a somewhere to bring your personalized beer funnel.

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The Czechs are planning to open by late December if all the renovations go as planned (Stacie is constructing a lot of the decor herself, including the tables and bar top), just in time to answer all your New Year's growler needs.

h/t Culture Map


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