LARK, Carbone's and Barbacoa: This Week In Dallas Dining

The unofficial start of summer is here, and the three-day weekend promises smoldering grills, coolers full of beer, and if you stumble over to 20 Feet this weekend quick enough, the first of this season's soft-shell crabs. Let's get this week wrapped up.

This week I reviewed Lark on the Park and gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up. Not really, we don't do that here, but there's lots to praise at this new restaurant that flanks Klyde Warren Park. Stop in for a beer, and I bet you'll decide to stay for a bite.

Elsewhere in CoA we swilled some Till and Toil, sipped some terrible tea and opined on the golden age of Texas barbecue.

We also confirmed that Dallas will never, ever eat bugs.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviewed Carbone's and awarded four stars. Her original review, penned last summer, was much more critical so it's nice to see a fresh take on the space. (And I still can't get enough of that Italian Combo.) She also points out that S&D Oyster house is getting ready for a big overhaul.

Over on Side Dish, Nancy Nichols reviewed Stampede 66 and had nothing but nice things to say about Stephan Pyles' Texas-themed restaurant. Then she got dressed up like a pig and proceeded to receive a serious pie pummeling.

Over on DallasFoodOrg, there's a thoughtful examination one barbecue restaurant missing from Texas Monthly's new list. According to Pat Sharpe, barbacoa isn't barbecue because it's not brisket. Scott disagrees.

Robb Walsh down at Houstonia saw the same post, which lead to one of his own. Want to learn how to make real barbacoa? Click here.

That's all I see for this week, and you'd rather be out celebrating anyway. See you guys on Tuesday.

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