Let's All Get Scientifically Drunk at the Perot's 21-and-Up Social Science Event

Getting drunk is great, but it can always be greater. Whether it's finally remembering to drink that last glass of water before bed or endless tweaking until you finally get that perfect gin pour, we're always searching for ways to make getting hammered even more refined. At next week's Social Science event at The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, you could learn ways to make your booze taste better with SCIENCE.

The Perot's weekly Social Science nights are for adults only, and allow those of us who are old enough to drive to enjoy the museum without screaming toddlers running around everywhere. Each event is themed, and next week's theme is "Mixology," which means a slate of activities that are centered around putting booze and science together in some interesting ways.

Community Beer Company will be at Social Science, explaining the mystery of turning hops and grain into delicious, delicious beer. There will, of course, be samples of the brewery's beers, along with a history lesson about how beer has evolved over the generations. A presentation on molecular mixology will follow, where they'll be mixing up (and serving) drinks with liquid nitrogen and other science-y technique that will probably be too complicated for you to safely replicate at home after a few beers.

Once you're good and liquored up, the Museum will put away the booze in time for a panel discussion about rock operas and a dance performance that blends a variety of styles. "Flair bartending," "fusion food," and other activities are also in store, which sounds like a bargain when you consider that tickets for non-members are still less than $20.

If this kind of grown-up play date sounds like your thing, you can still purchase tickets to next Friday's Social Science event on the Perot's website. You'd better get there quickly, because these events often sell out in advance. You'll also probably want to line up a designated driver, especially if that $18 ticket includes as many cocktails as the event listing indicates. Still, it may be worth it to smuggle in a flask of your own designated poison just in case booze is better without the addition of science and weird shit like liquid nitrogen.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.