Lettuce Wrap Up: Crappy Burgers, NOSH, and Dad

Now that Dallas has cooled off from the In-N-Out craze (and Irving has cooled off from T.G.I. Fridays - forever), we're ready to start thinking about other foods, such as the rare Texas peach, brunch at NOSH, and burgers that are quite, er, innovative. Read on.

City of Ate
Jose Ralat Maldonando had a few great dishes at Company Café, a restaurant that sheds the stigma that anything healthy and gluten free also has to be studded with granola and drowned in herb tea. Try the chicken friend steak, Jose said. Wonder at the sweet potato fries. But don't expect much - or anything at all - from the tacos.

Alice Laussade handed out high-fives and name advice after she enjoys tacos from Taquería La Tejanita.

If you're new in town and looking for a good restaurant, Jonas M. Luster said to avoid the place if it's a chain, or if the ketchup sits down before you, or if the menus have adjectives or if the servers are wearing clothes, or something. Trust him, he said. He's a chef.

Monica Berry reported that the T.G.I. Friday's in Irving closed. Those hungry for the food and flare can satisfy their cravings at the DFW terminal, but that might be more trouble than it's worth.

If you managed to scrounge up some Texas peaches (or just live in Terrell), Lauren Drewes Daniels offers up a recipe that lets you use peaches, ice cream and rum.

What is this shit?

When reviewing the history of American eating habits, it would be a shame to overlook vitamin doughnuts. Remember those?

Side Dish
Decanter was on fire late Friday evening, but thanks to a few good people with a lot of sharp wit, the restaurant is safe and open for business.

Is there anybody out there who balks at brunch? If so, it's not Sarah Reiss, and it's certainly not NOSH's new brunch menu.

I mentioned in one of my posts this week about a forthcoming Restaurants to Take Dad to on Sunday list. It's here!

No one suspects Lakewood Whole Foods tap is actively trying to gyp customers, but when filling a growler is more expensive than a six pack of the same product, and one of the reasons for the price gouge is, "But think of how much you're reducing your carbon food print!" we get a little suspicious.

Pegasus News
If you were craving Nate's Seafood in Allen, too bad. That place is locked up with a letter in the window. But if you have $80,000 and a need to do good, you might be able to help Nate's pay back its rent debt.

Escape Hatch Dallas
The Belgians are enjoying white asparagus and strawberries. Their trick is to poach the asparagus and cover it with hollandaise. When in Texas, do as the Belgians do.

Crave DFW
Steven Doyle got a glimpse of RedFork last night, a restaurant by Jeff Harris that is set to open tonight. With carefully crafted fare and a bustling kitchen in the back, the place was hot in both the metaphorical and literal sense.

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