Lettuce Wrap Up: Of Whiskey Cake and Pickled Eggs. Bleh.

This week, Dallas is buzzing about Whiskey Cake (we beat the rest of them to it, FYI). And even though Easter is right around the corner, only a few displays of enthusiasm (like eating 41 pickled eggs, or finding a certain flavor of marshmallow eggs particularly revolting) are evident. Read on.

City of Ate Resident taco expert Jose Ralat Maldonado disagrees with Dallas and finds Komali greasy, underwhelming and ultimately disappointing.

Alice Laussade polishes off an order of Buffalo wings, French fries and a pepperoni pizza, ultimately calls it "tasty."

Now that Hanna Raskin is gone, City of Ate is trying out some new bloggers. Lauren Drewes Daniels and her herd of chickens try out for the role with their thoughts about Starbucks' mini-desserts.

Joe Tone tries out some more Dallasite suggestions, finds only one is really worth his time.

Alice thinks up a few titles coming to a cookbook holder near you

Taco Bell is finally offering a taco with a hard Nacho Dorito shell. How did it possibly take them so long?

Elsewhere, this man ate a bunch of eggs while this other man downed nearly 300 chicken wings.

Side Dish Grub Street has some pasta porn for you. And surprise, Nonna's pasta made the list.

Sarah Reiss has lukewarm enthusiasm for Whiskey Cake: Some dishes are better than others and the interior (despite noticeable stabs at chicness) stumbles. Ultimate decision: not terrible. Not at all. Actually, pretty OK in some places.

As a server, I love to gripe about tipping. But as a server in casual restaurants, I've never thought to gripe about tipping valets. Nancy Nichols takes care of it for me this week.

Pegasus News Teresa Gubbins samples Russell Stover's cream eggs. The maple one is particularly disappointing, since it's neither delicious nor actually made with maple.

Scardello Artisan Cheese offers new sandwiches. Made with cheese.

Escape Hatch Dallas Mi Piaci is doing everything they can to get you to like them, and Mike Hiller says it's paying off.

E.C. Gladstone sits down with master mixologist Charlotte Voisey to discuss the two things that both she and Dallas are obsessed with: booze and fame.

Critic's Guide It's a Whiskey Cake week as Dave Faries provides his own review of the Plano restaurant. He describes it as a "rollicking, comfortable and interesting establishment" and easily forgives its occasional bumbling.

And that will be it for a while. Critic's Guide is taking a breather to revamp.

Crave DFW Sachine Ghare has a few things to say about Indian cuisine. And by a few, we mean get ready to take notes.

City of Ate may have dropped our Good Eating feature, but we can't help mentioning this, for old times' sake: Texas Toast Culinary Tours is roasting a pig this weekend in Fort Worth, benefiting Meals on Wheels.

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