Stephen Masker
Some churros and...something close to vegetables?

Lettuce Wrap Up: The Fried Goods and Austin's Food Trucks

It would've been embarrassing if the week's blogs hadn't been All Fried, All the Time. Luckily, they spared themselves the shame and stepped up to the plate, almost every one giving their own take on State Fair food.

Your Own Dallas Observer - Hanna Raskin tackles the State Fair's fried smorgasbord in a three-part gastronomical pilgrimage through Fair Park, sampling the foods (fried or otherwise) that didn't get top honors. Her coronary arteries suffered so yours won't have to.

Dallas Morning News - Leslie Brenner counted down the Top 10 Dallas Dining Trends (one through nine should have be using fresh produce, but she threw in items like sous-vide and pickles for variety.)

Dallas Food Blog Highlights

Eats Blog - Leslie Brenner hangs out in the trailers in Austin and re-discovers the unique cuisine, and Jeffery Weisse gets creative with half a gallon of milk, but he's confused about what to do with the other half. A suggestion: milk it for all it's worth! Or just toss it out, like a bad pun.

Sidedish - Tacos are becoming as much of a pop culture happening as vampires or zombie apocalypses. Sarah Reiss gets in on the phenomenon and decides that Fuzzy's Tacos are... just okay. And, sorry to say college-age Fuzzy's zealots: she's totally right. Allison Hartfield checks out the fair grub and decides that it is delicious but unhealthy. Nobody argued.

Pegasus News - The Brad, too, decides that fried fair food is unhealthy, not entirely tasty, but consuming it is nearly a requirement to live in Texas. "Evil Shenanigans" blogger Kelly Jaggers got her culinary start with an E-Z Bake Oven, and with a little craft-honing now has a successful food blog.

City of Ate - Did somebody mention fair grub? Nick Rallo discovers that Dr Pepper cake will always wind up a fried community effort while Hanna Raskin says that fried beer is quickly becoming a national sensation. She also finds in Mark Schatzker's book Steak there aren't enough words to properly describe grilled beef (though, Schatzker comes up with a few fatal ones for Texas steak - "Wasn't that good.") Steven Doyle goes to Tim Byres of Smoke restaurant to find out why barbeque is more than food. Answer: barbeque is community, tradition and friendliness. Try finding that in a bottle at the grocery.

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