Like Meso Maya? You Should Love La Ventana.

My excitement for Meso Maya quickly withered after dining at the restaurant two times. The food isn't bad. In fact, some of it is quite good. What's disappointing is what's left on the table when multiple locations of the same restaurant open in one city. It's boring.

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You can read more about Meso Maya in this week's review, but by far the most interesting facet to the new spot is the open-air taqueria out back.

To my knowledge, La Ventana is the only restaurant in the Dallas area that serves up authentic street style tacos made with tortillas made from freshly ground corn. Sure, there's a similar set up at Stampede 66, but $4-plus tacos are way too expensive for this food writer, no matter how gourmet those fillings are. Many other taquerias in Dallas offer handmade tortillas, but they're all using the same premade masa harina you can buy at any grocery store.

Chef Nico Sanchez tortillas, on the other hand, are made from treated corn he cooks and grinds on-site, just like the original Meso Maya in Preston Hollow. The texture of these tortillas is less cake-like and they smell like freshly roasted corn. That you can get tortillas this good stuffed with lengua, suadero and other traditional fillings is unique here in Dallas, so if you're new to the taco scene, this is a good place to start.

I do hope you'll branch out from there, though.

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