Little Sumpin' Sumpin': 15 Sexy Beer Labels

When it comes to beer, there are those of us at City of Ate who select our favorite brews based on tried and true traits like flavor, head and color, and there are those (Noah) who just pick the label with the most cleavage on it and call it a night.

He's not alone, either -- millions of beer drinkers the world over buy into the implicit promise of such packaging: "Hey there big boy. By the time you're done drinking this, every girl in the room is gonna look just like me." The following list celebrates these sirens of suds, with a hint of beefcake thrown in for equality's sake. Drink up.

1. St. Pauli Girl

2. Blonde Bombshell Ale

3. Ska True Blonde Ale

4. Lagunitas Lucky 13

5. Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale

6. Miller High Life

7. Old Rasputin

8. Santa's Butt

9. Well Hung Vineyard (wine)

10. Coney Island Sword Swallower Steel Hop lager

11. Dogfish Head FORT

12. Chateau Jiahu

13. Polygamy Porter

14. Acme California Pale Ale

15. Brother Thelonious

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