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Now Open in Oak Cliff: Local Moto, a Coffee Spot, Vintage Motorcycle Shop and Cheap Beer Bar

Local Moto + Provisions, an extension of Local Press + Brew, is open in Oak Cliff.
Local Moto + Provisions, an extension of Local Press + Brew, is open in Oak Cliff. Beth Rankin
This weekend, Oak Cliff got a fun new addition: Local Moto + Provisions, a combination coffee shop, cafe and vintage motorcycle repair shop. Adjacent to Local Press + Brew on Beckley Avenue, the modern shop serves beer, wine, espresso drinks and a small menu of dishes.

The new shop is built around the interests of Ben Johnson, who owns Local Press with his wife, Tiffany. Johnson, a former police officer, loves motorcycles like the 1964 Suzuki X6, a prototype that Johnson recently got running after 20 years in storage. With mechanics, machinists and fabricators on staff, Local Moto is a full-service repair shop that also sells "moto lifestyle merchandise."

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Local Moto has machinists and fabricators on staff, making it a full-service repair shop for vintage and modern motorcycles.
Beth Rankin
Local Moto's chic, modern shop mirrors the aesthetics of Local Press next door: a bright, airy interior with walls covered in art and a sweet collection of succulents, like the massive cactus on the patio that Johnson estimates was planted sometime in the 1960s.

Local Press has seen an uptick in weekend business since Kessler Park Eating House next door became Jonathon's Diner, a second location of the wildly popular brunch spot Jonathon's, located half a mile away. With a sizable patio with a great view of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and more interior space than the coffee shop next door, Local Moto can essentially function as overflow space when Local Press is busy, making this corner of Beckley Avenue an increasingly bustling Oak Cliff food and drink corridor.

On the food and drink menu, Local Moto will serve similar espresso drinks and dishes like wild mushroom toast and a sandwich made with pasture-raised Texas beef bacon. And then there's the beer: Johnson stocked Local Moto with a fun selection of local craft beers, a small selection of wine and a collection of what he calls "grandpa beers" — cheap, no-frills beers. The most expensive beer will only set you back $5, with "grandpa beers" coming in at $3 each. There are a few fun surprises in the cooler, too, such as La Socarrada, a Spanish beer brewed with rosemary and honey.

Local Moto is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, but Johnson says he plans to extend Local Moto's hours in the future. Local Press will close at 1 p.m., with Local Moto picking up the slack in the afternoon, serving food until 7 p.m. and eventually staying open late and hosting live music, Johnson says. His dream is to create a space where motorcycle enthusiasts hang out and talk shop over cans of Schlitz and Old Milwaukee.

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Local Moto has a fun selection of no-frills "grandpa beers," along with local craft beers and a few fun surprises, such as La Socarrada, a Spanish beer brewed with rosemary and honey.
Beth Rankin
Even if you're not a motorcycle rider, Local Moto is a sweet hang spot with fun vibes, healthy snacks and inexpensive beer served in a characteristically handsome space. The new shop is just one part of Local Press' expansion goals; the combination coffee shop and juice bar is opening a second location at the mouth of the Katy Trail later this year and recently expanded its wholesale juices, which means you'll soon spot these organic, cold-pressed juices at more cafes around the city.

Local Moto + Provisions, 1605 N. Beckley Ave.
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