Lockhart Smokehouse Opening New Location in Plano (Plus Exclusive Pics!!)

We heard that Lockhart Smokehouse will be opening a new location in Plano soon. This made us very excited. So, we had to ask Jill and Jeff Bergus the most important, journalisty questions about their new place. Here are those serious questions, plus their serious answers, plus artist's renderings of what we think the new place should look like on the inside, plus Will's beard.

Will the menu at your Plano location be the same as the menu at your Oak Cliff spot? Or will you add specials for those who intend to travel in from Frisconsin? Same basic menu, Partner and Chief Fire Wrangler Tim is working on ideas.

Obviously you'll have valet. What will the valet's attire be? BBQ Tie or Bandana Casual? Actually, parking in downtown Plano is better than at our current Bishop Arts location. Plus, the DART station is right there.

When pit master Will Fleischman walks into Plano territory, will Jay-Z's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" suddenly blast from all of Plano's Bose speakers? No, I think Mesa now has the exclusive rights to his music.

OK serious question: If it's your friend's birthday and you come to the Plano location, all the guys will sing the Bennigan's Happy Happy Birthday song to us, right? Right? Sure, just ask these two:

Speaking of beards, will you now require all employees to beard themselves, just so they don't catch cold in The North? Our policy has always been one tattoo, beard or piercing per employee. We don't envision that changing.

True or false: the new location will host BBQ sauce wrestling competitions. There is a loft upstairs that can seat 40 people that we were going to use for private parties, however our structural engineers can certainly work to reinforce the beams for such an event.

Demo begins soon at 1026 E. 15th St. in downtown Plano, and they hope for this new location to be open before the end of the year. Someone please plan a BBQ sauce wrestling competition there ASAP.

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