Lone Star Donuts: A Sensible Bacon-Doughnut Alternative to Hypnotic

When a friend in Oak Cliff mentioned that a doughnut shop down the street from her place had delicious bacon donuts, I figured it was worth setting an alarm for. I dragged myself out of bed at 9:45 this morning (the horror!) and pointed myself toward Lone Star Donuts.

Lone Star is a doughnut factory that wholesales to various outfits, but they also have a small retail outlet where you can stop in and buy freshly baked donuts, as well as savory breakfast sandwiches. I was there for one thing only though: the 85-cent "Maple Bacon Fancy," a classic maple-glazed doughnut topped with a generous amount of perfectly crunchy bacon pieces.

The sugary, porky aroma emanating from the bag mocked me as I sat in I-30 traffic on the way home, but I forced myself to wait until I got home to take a bite so I could snap a photo -- then I inhaled it in approximately 15 seconds. The salty, savory bacon was a nice contrast to the ultra-sweet maple glaze, and gave a bit of crunch factor to the otherwise light and pillowy doughnut.

I know, I know, the bacon doughnut thing's been done, most famously here by weirdo-doughnut purveyor Hypnotic Donut, who recently opened a new storefront in Lakewood. But if you're looking for something farther south and a bit more low-key (I hear Hypnotic has lines of 40-plus people at times), get thee to Lone Star. Just make sure you're early because there was only one left at 10 a.m., and you don't wanna have to fight me for it.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.