Lucia, Seafood and Offensive Tacos: This Week In Dallas Dining

Hey there, Aters. Hope you're ready for the weekend. If you don't have any foodie plans yet, you should check out our list of things to do, specially curated by LDD. Pick your favorite food inspired event (the Craft and Growler grand opening looks great) and get out there and eat, but not before we wrap up this week.

This week I reviewed Lucia, and -- shocker -- the food was very good. David Uygur's Oak Cliff Italian restaurant is a hard reservation for good reason. Perhaps you'd like a seat at the bar instead?

Elsewhere on CoA we came up with some fun ideas for Sharon Hage's next project, and interviewed Marc Cassel, who recently opened a seafood restaurant right next to Goodfriend.

Rather have tacos instead? We blogged about Bachman Lake Taqueria this week, the source of my favorite bright-red trompo tacos. Lauren's account of a meal at Campo Verde, however, is even more colorful

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner reviewed Hotel St. Germain and awarded one star. Did anyone even know a restaurant existed in this place? Ouch. They've also got some drool-worthy chicken pot pie porn.

On Side Dish Nancy finally got up to Mughlai and tried the Murgh Vindaloo. I told you that place was good. Nancy, you should try the goat and shrimp curries, next.

And finally, José has an interesting take on La Ventana on the Taco Trail. The popular taco blogger seems mixed on most of the tacos he tried but is adamantly against some language he found on the menu. "Brafas, escuse mi inglish," the menu reads above an offering of breakfast tacos and burritos. I was at the same taco stand earlier this week and the language is still there.

It's possibly offensive to some, but the tacos have been celebrated both here on CoA and at The Dallas Morning News. Is the clunky wording enough to stop you from patronizing the new downtown taqueria?

Things to think about over the weekend. I'll have some more thoughts on La Ventana, next week.

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