Lucia's Salumi Misto is about to get an entire restaurant in its honor.
Lucia's Salumi Misto is about to get an entire restaurant in its honor.
Lori Bandi

Lucia Doubles Down on Oak Cliff with Macellaio, a New Restaurant Dedicated to Cured Meat

Those who wish it could be ever-so-slightly easier to get a meal from Lucia could be in luck this spring.

Owners Jennifer and David Uygur are planning to open Macellaio, a salumi-based restaurant not far from Lucia — which has 41 fewer tables than the new place is expected to have.

"David has always enjoyed curing meats," Jennifer says. "That’s why he’s a chef; he likes putting different flavor profiles together. ... He kind of taught himself."

This salumi-based restaurant will allow customers to casually walk in for a charcuterie to have there or take to go. One thing is certain: You won't be making a reservation two months in advance or praying for a rare open seat at the bar.

"As a function of [Lucia] being so small, reservations are booked so far out," Jennifer says. "It will be a little bit easier for people to come in and pick up something: 'I’m not going to sit for two hours and have a multicourse meal. I’ll just drop by after work.'"

Macellaio will also have a full bar, something Jennifer is looking forward to.

"Hopefully it will be a lot like Lucia. it’s a lot like, 'Hey, this is what we’d do for you in our home.' Even though we hope the food is really good, and the wine is really good, it’s not super fancy," she says. "All are welcome. It’s good service that makes you feel glad that you’re there.

"It’s just something that makes you slow down and enjoy the world a little more. It's a really fast-paced world, and that’s a cool thing about Lucia; it’s not a place where you’re in a hurry."

In addition to boards, there will be some hot entrees at Macellaio.

"There will not be pasta because that's what we do at Lucia," Jennifer says.

The couple isn't ready to advertise the new restaurant's exact location, but it's under construction.

"Probably like anybody else opening a restaurant, it’s in the hands of contractors and the city," Jennifer says. "It should be spring-ish."

While they discussed their next restaurant, one thing was without question: the neighborhood.

"We would not leave Oak Cliff," she says. "We just really like a neighborhood that feels really alive and walkable, and there are all sorts of people. ... We like the feel of it — it’s got some history, it’s got some trees. There is this sense of community."

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