LUCK in Trinity Groves, with 40 Local Beers on Tap, Is Dallas' Next Great Growler Filler

Just two years ago, much of Dallas thought a "growler" was a particularly terrible 2-year-old. Now we not only know what one is, we can't avoid them.

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A quick history, just in case: In the 1800s, brewers and drinkers needed a way to transport beer in small quantities, and since they didn't have fancy canning or bottling lines, beer was poured into buckets. The lore is that the beer made a grumbling or growling sound as it was carted home.

Why do we use the term since we fancy canning and bottling lines? A lot of breweries don't can or bottle yet, including local ones like Peticolas and Four Corners. The systems are expensive and distribution can be a whole beast in itself, and some brewers just don't want to can or bottle. So, in order to drink, say, Celebración or Velvet Hammer at your house, you'd need to invest in an entire keg or buy a growler and get it filled at one of several local spots.

And Dallas has another new fill-up station. LUCK, the local food and craft beer spot in Trinity Groves, has added growler fills to the menu. And with 40 local beers on tap, there's really no better place to sample the local craft beer scene.

Jeff Dietzman with LUCK explains that there are a lot of TABC and zone restrictions that come with getting the proper permits for growler fills (only bars that serve beer and wine, no hard liquor sales), so not just any bar can fill growlers. At LUCK you can buy a new growler there, or bring your own. BYOG.

"Our growlers are priced between $8 and $20, depending on the size and design," explains Dietzman. "We currently carry all the Haus of Growler designs and hope to have our LUCK branded growlers in soon."

The beer ranges from $9 to $23, depending on size and beer.

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