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LUCK Opens Today at 5 in Trinity Grove

Local Urban Craft Kitchen, more smoothly shortened to LUCK, opens this evening at 5 p.m. in Trinity Groves, according to a press release put out today. As the name suggests the restaurant will put a heavy premium on local ingredients and American regional dishes, but what the name leaves out is just how tap-heavy the place will be.

LUCK boasts 40 North Texas craft beers, with none of them canned or bottled to prevent waste (and presumably overhead). Along with Texas-brewed beers, there will be wine, kombucha and cold-pressed coffee, all locally produced and all on tap.

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This will be the first venture of restauranteurs Chef Daniel Pittman, formerly of Four Seasons in Las Colinas and eatZi's, Jeff Dietzman (cousin of Pittman) and Ned Steel. According to the press release, Steel predicts that nearly half of the food on LUCK's menu will be made with beer, from braising to brownies to ice cream. Hope you love your hops.

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