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Luscher’s Happy Hour Offers Cheap Hot Dogs, Beer and Rush. Lots of Rush.

If there’s one thing we love about Brian Luscher, it’s his sausage, but his consistent ability to keep things real is also pretty damn loveable. His no-bullshit approach to tube meats and running a restaurant have quickly turned Luscher’s Red Hots into a Dallas favorite, but an upcoming take on happy hour really raises that to the next level. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, however you look at it), this spin on everyone’s favorite discount drinking hour also involves a lot of Rush.

Assuming you’re a fan of Toronto’s greatest contribution to rock n’ roll (except for maybe Barenaked Ladies), you’re really going to dig Luscher’s new weekday special.  Luscher’s Red Hots is offering “Rush Hour” from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday. In that time, you can snag cheap beers and hot dogs while “rocking out to the legendary band Rush!” For those who really enjoy the combination of classic rock and perfectly stuffed sausages, Luscher’s new offering could prove to be a really tempting draw.

But if “Tom Sawyer” really isn’t your thing, you can at least endure the music long enough to chow down on a Red Hot, Depression Dog, or sauerkraut-topped dog that will only cost you $4. If it’s really causing your ears to bleed, $10 pitchers of Goose Island and $2.50 local brews (cans and draughts) will certainly make it easier for you to endure (or celebrate, of course) Geddy Lee’s vocals. For classier types who enjoy a little cab with their prog rock, wines by the glass will also be on offer.

No word yet on whether or not diners will be encouraged to sing along to “Xanadu” and “Working Man,” but we’re assuming that it will be totally cool for you to warble the lyrics as you pound down a few of those Depression Dogs. Perhaps having really rad long hair and a pair of those creepy circle glasses will get you an additional discount on a Francheezie. If you’re really lucky, you might catch Luscher himself jamming out in the kitchen as he readies your cheap-as-hell and delicious dinner. 
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