Put this in your face and so much more starting Monday.
Put this in your face and so much more starting Monday.
Kathy Tran

Luscher's Will Open Next Week, So Get in Line Now

Brian Luscher is a guy who knows how to build hype, even if he always somehow manages to fly under the radar. His much-anticipated hot dog joint Luscher's has been in the works for nearly two years now -- probably longer in that culinary genius brain of his -- and now we'll finally be able to taste his delicious wares as early as next week.

Expect long-ass lines when Luscher's opens their doors, because this is near Pecan Lodge-level hype. Fortunately, if the menu published yesterday by Eater Dallas is any indication, all this wait is going to so be worth it. There is enough delicious meat at this forthcoming restaurant to permanently give you the meat sweats.

Luscher plans to elevate the traditional Italian beef with shaved Local Yocal wagyu and housemade hot giardinera. He'll also offer a "Greek Town" gyro with Lemley's Tomatoes, BBQ-oak roasted chicken, and a burger that will inspire a trail of drool from here to Deep Ellum, with two patties of local beef, horseradish pickle, and enough cheese to make you die happy.

Luscher's famous sausages will also be served, in eight different varieties including a Sheboygan-Style bratwurst, a riff on Whataburger's B.O.B., and of course, the delicious Meat Fight sausage, inspired by our own Alice Laussade's annual fundraiser for multiple sclerosis research. A "Chicago Depression" dog comes topped with the usual fixins' like sport peppers, but also includes a generous helping of house-made fries on top. We're guessing that's how people in Chicago cope with this cold-ass weather all the time.

According to the menu, Luscher's "makes damn near everything from scratch, or we buy it from someone who does," which is unlike just about any other sausage spot you'll find on the planet. You might want to start thinking about what you're going to order now before the restaurant opens its doors to the public on Monday morning at 11 am. You should also probably consider a last-ditch effort at that juice cleanse before your diet becomes 100% more meat-dominated.

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