Make Your Way to Medina for a Dreamy Night Moroccan Style

If you're in the Victory Park area the intimate space at Medina Oven & Bar makes it a good choice for a date.  My date and I ate there after Dallas' recent snow and ice storm while it was still too cold to eat on the patio. The hostess sat us at a small table as far away from the door as she could. Unlike its definition as being the "center of the city" in Morocco, Medina wasn't too noisy or crowded. Maybe the restaurant felt so cozy because of the chilly air outside, but it probably had more to do with the fact that the rich colors and pretty tile work made the restaurant feel more like a home than an uptight trendy restaurant.

The attentive wait staff didn't hover over us, but also didn't make us seek them out from the kitchen.  We told our server we had to catch a show at the American Airlines Center and he made sure to get us out of the restaurant on time. 

Medina has an array of pizzas that would be great to share on a date. We opted to share a hummus appetizer and each order our own meal instead. My date chose the Marrakesh Chicken Breast while I got the Med-Rim Salad and the beef fillet skewers. While the chicken came out in a lovely covered dish filled with shallots, olives and potatoes in a lemon-saffron sauce, after my date tried my choices, the salad and beef skewers ended up as the winners. The spinach salad, intricately mixed with figs, almonds, cinnamon-spiced orange, feta and honey-lemon vinaigrette, complemented the simple beef dish perfectly.


You can get to know your date when dining at Medina, since you'll be able to hear him or her across the small tables. My date learned about my trip to Morocco and my college boyfriend who claimed to speak French, but neither understood it nor spoke it. He conveniently didn't speak Arabic either. We found ourselves on a 10-hour train to Marrakesh when we should have been traveling the opposite direction to Tangiers because he missed the announcement repeated twice in both French and Arabic to change trains.

On the bright side, we had to double back and got to experience Casablanca. On the not so bright side, during our stopover we drank untreated water, which made for a lovely ferry ride back to our study abroad program in Spain.

At Medina, however, my date and I didn't drink anything bad. We both chose a cocktail from the Sexy Drinks list. He had a Caramel-Fig Martini and I ordered a Moroccan Mojito. Both tasted good enough for a second round.

We didn't have time to order dessert and left Medina's great service and romantic atmosphere on time to see Dane Cook's comedy show. That show was the opposite of romantic, but at least we had started the night off with some romance.

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Monica Berry