Fare thee well, Mama Faye's - we hardly visited ye.
Fare thee well, Mama Faye's - we hardly visited ye.
Courtesy of Dallas Eater

Mama Faye's BBQ In Deep Ellum Closes Up Shop, Moves to Sulphur Springs

Trees fall in forests without a sound, and barbecue restaurants can close in Deep Ellum with nearly the same silence. That's the case this week as Crave DFW reports that Mama Faye's BBQ on Commerce Street has closed its doors and is relocating out of the city.

Except for those who live in Deep Ellum, Mama's Faye's may have been the least-known barbecue joint in the city, and had the vacant dining room to show for it.  Our former Queen's-English-spouting barbecue scribe described the lack of crowds as everyone else's loss, since the barbecue at Mama Faye's was top notch, for not a lot of coin. As an added bonus, your clothes smelled like a barbecue pit for days after your visit.

The restaurant opened in 2010, but other than the oft-empty tables, there was little warning or reason provided for closing up shop. The move comes with little fanfare or announcement; the local number has been disconnected, and a handwritten note was taped to the front door, thanking locals for "all the great years" and inviting people to visit Mama Faye's in their new location in Sulphur Springs. No word yet on plans for the space.

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