Markets, Pho, Limey's and BBQ: This Week In Dallas Food Blogging

This week I reviewed Dalat, a new Pho place on Fitzhugh Avenue that stays open late and takes a whimsical approach to Vietnamese cooking. I also took a closer look at Gandolfo's, the deli truck that hails from NYC.

Elsewhere on CoA we noted the opening of Ten Bells Tavern, a new bar in Oak Cliff, and Maid-Rite, proprietors of loose-meat sandwiches in Arlington.

Lauren checked out two markets this week. The first is an interview with Jon Alexis, which touches on his pending expansion of TJ's Seafood. She also takes a look at Sara's Market and Bakery in Richardson where many, many pitas are made.

We also have a new contributor on the blog. Gavin Cleaver doesn't know much about barbecue, which is precisely why he's writing about it. And you're reading about it because it's really funny stuff.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviewed Carbone's and awarded two stars. She's also got some thought on the soon-to-open Boulevardier. I'm excited to see a casual bistro concept in Oak Cliff.

Side Dish has some pictures of some cows, so you should probably get on that.

Robb Walsh is all out gushing about his fermentation crock on Texas Eats. The pepper mash he made a few weeks ago is now a condiment for everything the man eats, and he's now working through a few pickle recipes. I'm starting to get itchy for a fermentation crock myself.

And over on the Full Custom Gospel, the BBQ Snob is cranky. His latest review on West Texas Style BBQ earns zippy stars, just in case you were planning on a drive to Silsbee this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, it's about that time. Have fun pretending it's still a holiday and we'll see you here next week, as we get ready for the All Stars Game with food, and take a look at some great Turkish food.

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