Martin House Brewing Joins Il Cane Rosso at Swiss Pastry Shop Friday Night

If you like great pizza, fluffy pastries and craft beer, your stars just aligned. Tonight Il Cane Rosso is pointing its mobile pizza unit westerly towards the great Town of the Cow to serve pizzas at the painfully tasteful Swiss Pastry Shop (3936 W. Vickery Blvd.), which is admittedly old news since they've been doing that since this summer. But, this Friday Martin House Brewing will join them.

Pat Benatar, if you lived in Fort Worth, we'd say you just got hit with a pretty good shot.

The Martin House Brewing Co. recently signed a lease for a 9,000-square-foot brewery along the Trinity Trails in Fort Worth. They expect to be pouring beer in early 2013. Until then, they're good for samples of their beer at various events.

Founder and brewery engineer Cody Martin said they will have samples of the Imperial Texan, a "heavy-duty 9.0% abv red ale with a profusion of hop flavor and aroma," and River House Saison, "a pale colored and sessionable beer at about 4.1% abv."

The pizza oven will start cooking at 5:30 and Martin House will be there at 6:30 to pour samples. Per the Swiss Pastry Shop Facebook page, "YES there will be Black Forest cake."

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