Martin House Brewing of Fort Worth Ready to Fly on March 30

Martin House Brewing in Fort Worth has just announced soup's on! Come AND get it!

Sort of. Just be patient, OK? No one said opening a brewery was an overnight thing.

On Saturday, March 30, Martin House Brewing will tap its very first kegs of River House Saison and The Imperial Texan at the Flying Saucer in downtown Fort Worth. Fantastic and amazing weather permitting, the patio party will be in full swing and there will be "party favors" and plenty of hop talk.

Martin House Brewing is in an old warehouse along the Trinity Trails in Fort Worth and was founded last year by Cody Martin, Anna Martin, David Wedemeier and Adam Myers. The latter has an affection for a pioneer spirit, as well as an aversion to commas based on extensive reading of Cormac McCarthy books (that's some dark stuff).

Anyway, per the MHB blog, they have tested the glycol loop for leaks and fine-tuned the instrumentation. That means they're about ready to stop dillydallying and finally make a whole bunch of beer to sell. That's the key. Selling it, instead of giving it away.

Pencil in "busy" on your calendar for Saturday, March 30, and point the wagon due west to support more local brewers.

In terms of picking up a six pack, David Wedemeier expects their beer to be available at the retail level at the end of April, in 16oz tall-boy cans -- they committed long ago to forgo bottling and will only package their beer in cans, for both environmental and taste-preservation reasons.

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