Matador Meat and Wine, the Observer’s Pick for Best Butcher, Quickly Closed This Week

The butcher behind Matador Meat and Wine announced via a Facebook video Wednesday that he has closed for business.

Buckled in a seatbelt of his car, Matt Peterson announced the news:

“We have closed Matador. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those things that it ran its course. Ironically yesterday was the nine-year anniversary of us incorporating Matador, but unfortunately today we had to close the doors. And it’s with some regrets but it’s also with a lot of gratitude. Colleen and I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of really, really cool people.”

He mentioned that nine years is a good run, and he’s right. He also got into the importance of people buying from an independent business: a butcher, cheese shop, florist. As we cover closing after closing, we have to agree.

“Matador was one of those places everyone seemed to recommend without hesitation,” says Observer barbecue writer Chris Wolfgang. “Whether it was a barbecue fan looking for a prime brisket, or someone wanting to find tomahawk rib-eyes for their next cookout, Matador’s name always came up as a go-to spot when the question was where to find the best beef.”

The Dallas Observer named Peterson the best butcher in the 2019 Best of Dallas issue.

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