Matchbox, a Solid Pizzeria From Up North, Is Headed to Dallas

"We're getting a Matchbox?" A guy two cubes down heard me chatting on the phone with a spokesperson from D.C. If you've lived in Washington, or even just visited the place, and muttered the words "where can I get a decent pizza?" you've likely heard the name before. Cube Guy had visited a handful of times over recent years, and I lived in D.C. for more than 10. We both know Matchbox. We're both excited.

The first Matchbox opened up in Chinatown, and now they're all over Maryland, Virginia and California. A recent push for even more locations includes one Matchbox in Dallas' Preston Hollow Village, with the first Texas location opening sometime next year.

Why do you care? Matchbox makes pretty great pie for one, and their style will fill a pizza-shaped hole in Dallas. Imagine a slightly thicker version of your typical Neapolitan crust — bready enough to hold its shape with a solid crunch and plenty of char. The pizzas are cooked in wood-fired masonry ovens at 800 degrees. I also think I remember burgers in miniature I used to devour six at a time. I'm about as excited for this import as I am about the Amsterdam Falafel shop.

Dallas' Matchbox will be massive, with seating for more than 300 and a sizable patio. It is a perfect fit for Preston Hollow.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.