Matt McCallister Announces FT 33

While reviewing Campo, and bitching about truffles, I've been alluding to Matt McCallister's new restaurant but not coughing up the name. A server squeaked while I was reviewing Campo, and when I followed up with McCallister, he asked I not print it. I'm glad I didn't because I was just a smidgen off.

FT 35 is what I thought the name was, but I was off by two digits -- it's FT 33. The FT stands for Fire Table, a nod to the old brigade call and response system used by serious chefs. "FIRE TABLE 29!" an expiditor or chef will yell to get a kitchen staff to start preparing a table's meal.

Says McCallister of the new concept via email:

FT 33 will be a serious, yet comfortable, restaurant with a menu that will change frequently throughout the year to reflect the latest offerings of the seasons. I will combine an approachable menu of innovative dishes with an extensive wine list, craft beer program and inspired cocktail list in a "modern meets rustic" setting, highlighted by rich textures and a warm ambiance with an industrial design aesthetic.

He expects to be open late this summer.

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