Matt McCallister Ate a Yelper for Breakfast

Poor, poor Tina. With just nine Yelp reviews under her belt she decided to report on her experience at Campo Modern Country Bistro. She wasn't fond of her meal, awarding the experience a single star.

Tina "really wanted to like" Campo but was upset that her chicken came with a bone in it (it's an animal) and wanted to substitute more boneless chicken for the oxtail that adorned a pasta dish. Her tart tasted like feet and she wasn't happy with her service at all, noting her waiter was a pretentious douche.

McCallister took the Yelp review in stride on his Facebook page.

To Tina of Dallas... this is the best yelp review of Campo I have seen yet. In fact I am going to frame it. You can see below. Just a few comments, since you didn't want to eat chicken on the bone that is all natural and locally raised and also complained about the price which you thought was $24 when it is actually $17... I will bring in some commodity bullshit chicken farm raised BONELESS SKINLESS bullshit for you. Oh and also since I am so pretentious and didn't want to take the OXTAIL SUGO out of the oxtail pasta.. which by the way makes up the whole sauce base for the pasta to sub it out for the chopped up bone in chicken that you didn't want earlier... I am sorry I just don't believe in ruining food... Oh also Tina of Dallas.. I am opening a restaurant in the Design District.. PLEASE don't come to it..I don't want to disappoint you again.. A place like Del Friscos Grille might suit you better..or maybe even Burger King.. I hear they say you can have it your way but I don't eat that shit

McCallister's not shy about responding to feedback from his customers. In our "Chefs Mouth Off " feature, he pilloried a customer for complaining about a duck dish because there wasn't enough mallard on her plate.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.