McDonald's to Introduce Egg White Delight Soon, a Yolk-Free McMuffin

For all of you hard-core McDonald's enthusiasts trying to watch your waistline, we've got great news. This might be the year you don't have to buy bigger pants, because on April 22 McDonald's will introduce a yolk-less McMuffin. According to The Daily Meal, this new sandwich is called the Egg White Delight and contains 250 calories compared with the regular yolked McMuffin that has 300 calories.

Get that hash brown and huge glass of orange juice in the picture above and it's more like 600 calories. But, who's counting?

The breakfast sandwich will also be cooked on the griddle free-form, instead of popped in the microwave, and comes atop a whole-grain English muffin, with a slice of Canadian bacon and white cheddar cheese.

And ... wait for it ... if you want, you can get the egg white substitute on any other breakfast sandwich Mickey D's offers as well. Ooooooh. I wonder if they'd put one on a McWhopper? Wait. No! My bad! Breakfast hours don't overlap with lunch hours. Silly me.

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