McKinney's Sugarbacon Opens Next Week With Sweets, Smoke and Pork

If you haven't made the drive up to McKinney in a while, now may be the time to gas up your car. The quaint little town to our north is becoming almost as well known for its travel-worthy restaurants as it is for police assaults. The latest restaurant to open, which is adorably named Sugarbacon, stands to further the trend (the food part) with a warm, modern dining room and plenty of pork fat.

Manager Johnny Carros and chef Jon Thompson plan to open their first restaurant together next week, June 24, for lunch and dinner service, with brunch coming later this summer. Thompson, who previously cooked for Stephan Pyles at Samar and Stampede 66, says his menu is refined but casual, and he places more focus on ingredient sourcing and less on overwrought recipes. 

So how about that burger? The beef comes from Local Yokel Farms, and it's topped with Sugarbacon's sugarbagon, which is smoked in house. Much of the ingredients are made on-site, and Thompson claims the only thing he plans to use his freezer for is the desserts, including homemade ice cream for an icebox pie.

The smoker, on the other hand, will be getting a serious work out. In addition to all that sugarbacon, pork chops, pork shoulders, turkey breasts and other meats will all get the smoky treatment before joining sandwiches and other dishes on the menu. McKinney may be a haul, but this restaurant has all the makings of a keeper and looks worth the drive.

Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen, 216 W. Virginia St., McKinney, sugarbacon.com, 469-952-5150

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