Meddlesome Moth's Chad Kelley on Risk-Taking and Too Much Steak

In part one of this week's Three Course Meal, we gave you a look at Chad Kelley, executive chef at the Meddlesome Moth, who shared his thoughts on the national food scene. In today's second installment, the chef tells us what the Dallas dining scene looks like from a moth's eye of view.

What are the Dallas restaurants you go to most often? 1. Sushi Robata 2. La Duni 3. Bolsa

What are some things the Dallas restaurant scene needs more of? Chefs taking more of a risk. The steak and potato diet in Dallas is in desperate need of change. I know I am guilty of it giving in to it "because it sells" but we need to help people explore more foods. We really try to be adventurous with our menu at The Moth. People are looking for the adventure; most just don't know it yet. I have several converts. I got them to trust me with the flavors and slowly working them into different foods using both flavor and texture as a medium. Now they will eat just about anything.

What are things the Dallas restaurant scene needs less of? "Trendy" steakhouses.

What is the best of Dallas when it comes to restaurants? The Grape, Bolsa and La Duni -- I love what [La Duni owners] Taco and Duni Borga are doing.

What is the worst of Dallas when it comes to restaurants? It's hard to say. I know it's out there. Maybe it's my "chef sense" that tells me where not to go...

If you could steal one dish off another Dallas chef's menu, what would it be? I have to be honest -- I don't get out nearly as much as I should. There are a lot of great ideas out there. I never "steal" ideas -- I prefer to "adapt" them into something original.

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