Mesero Miguel To Open September 16

Back in June we had a brief conversation with Mico Rodriguez about his soon to open Mesero Miguel, the Mexican restaurant that will replace the Lemon Bar after its failed attempt to take over the space this spring. Before that, Alma brought fluffy tortillas and Mexican food to the same building, but that failed too.

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Rodriguez was enthusiastic about the new restaurant and said he'd be open for business late in the summer. An announcement sent out this week, however, says it will be more like the end of summer. Rodriguez will open the doors to his second restaurant on September 16. There's a menu for your inspection too.

If the new spot offers the same execution as Rodriguez' first restaurant, I'd say the Knox-Henderson neighborhood should have some fun working through the menu. There's everything from queso, to ceviche, to a number of grilled entrees that look like a thoughtful departure from his Tex-Mex days with the the M Crowd restaurant group (Taco Diner, Mi Cocina). Customers might actually be able to walk out of this restaurant, instead of roll or wobble groaning.

Unless, of course, they spend too much time at The Pedro, the bar upstairs, which will undoubtedly stock tequila. It's scheduled to open the same day.

Mesero Miguel Menu

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