Meso Maya, Tesaring and Tamales: This Week In Dallas Dining

It may look rather gloomy right now, but the weather man says we've got a great weekend ahead of us. If you've been reading CoA all week you should have plenty of plans, but just in case you tuned out... here's what you missed.

This week I reviewed everything. There are scores of dishes in this week's Observer, and all of them are worth seeking out. I also reviewed Qariah, the new Lebanese restaurant on Greenville Avenue that has one of the best Middle Eastern buffets I've encountered in a while.

Elsewhere on CoA we've got a list of Dallas' best bars for bar food, and proof that nobody likes a dry tamale taco.

And we also had a great first look at the new Meso Maya, that opened downtown if you're looking to try a new Mexican restaurant this weekend.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviewed Ocho Kitchen and awarded zippy stars. Apparently you should avoid the monkfish fajitas. And maybe the entire restaurant altogether.

Side Dish has a first look at Ascension Coffee, which recently opened in the Design District. I know where I'm getting my java in the morning. And then Nancy Nichols got busted for Tesaring.

The Escape Hatch has a tasty tidbit on Sharon Hage. She's working on another menu for a new restaurant called Lot, which will open up on Grand Avenue next year. She recently designed the menu for the upscale bowling alley Bowl and Barrel.

If you have tamales on the brain for the pending holiday you might want to check out Entree Dallas' interview with the folks behind the magic at the Dallas Tortilla & Tamale Factory.

Keep that cholesterol down and we'll see ya next week, Aters.

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