MesoMaya, Purveyor of Mod Mex and Robust 'Ritas, Opens For Lunch Today

MesoMaya is settling into its new digs at Preston and Forest. Chef Nico Sanches (formerly of Hibicus) is serving up a menu of modern Mexican cuisine with a side of adventure. Traditional regional dishes, like Pozole de Puerco, are included alongside the standard hits like street tacos and enchiladas. A 20-foot bar along one side of the restaurant offers tons of creative drinks and over 50 different types of tequila.

Owner Mike Karns told me in an email today that they have a few dishes that are standing out amongst the crowd. "One of our most popular sellers has been the budin Azteca, a multi-layered stack of fresh white corn tortillas with either white Mexican shrimp, pulled chicken or beef tenderloin," he wrote.

He added that folks with adventurous palates have been asking for the Serrano berry rita, which has muddled Serrano and strawberries, as well as the cucumber rita. The restaurant also confirmed that today will be the first day it's open for lunch, in addition to dinner. Nothing like a margarita lunch.

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